Paul Markowitz – 07/12/12

I had the pleasure of fishing with Joe this past July while on a Disney vacation with my children and grandchildren.

Joe and I fished Ivanhoe Lake with good success. I caught 5 bass in the four pound range, within the first two hours all on artificial worm. Through the day we caught quite a few more.
I am an accomplished angler and would recommend his services highly. I will use him again when I come back to the Orlando area.

Paul Markowitz

Sven Hilland – 06/21/12

It was July 2011 when, whilst on a holiday in Florida, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Ventrello at the Bitter’s Bait and Tackle Shop in Longwood.

As a South African Bass fisherman visiting in America, I was super excited when Joe mentioned he would take me out punching the endless Lake Toho grass mats for giant Florida bass!! It was also the start of a fantastic friendship which we have upheld to this day and I am sure many years to come.

10 pounder!!!! That’s right…on our very first trip out together on Toho, Joe put me onto a ten pound plus fish!!Using a half ounce punch weight, 65 pound braid and one of Joe’s secret pitching baits from the shop, I hauled the monster out the grass. We also caught seven or eight fish in the two to six pound range during that fantastic day on Lake Toho.

Another 10 pound fish!!!! My second ever trip with Joe in 2012 …and Joe does it again!! During this day we launched at Lake Toho and locked our way through to Lake Kissimmee . What an experience it turned out to be. Via satellite, Joe identified an oncoming storm and so we took shelter en route at a marina to sit out the storm. During this time, Joe took some time to pass on some invaluable knowledge of his vast fishing experience. He explained and demonstrated the importance of using a straight shank hook for punching and why one should be making use of the snell knot to tie on the hook.

Once the storm had subsided, Joe’s first magic spot produced a seven pounder for me and shortly thereafter another giant took my Bitters Magic Swimmer paddle tail bait. What a beauty of a fish running in at ten pounds even!!! And to top it all, we caught several fish in the three to five pound range.

What a fantastic American bass fishing experience and thanks to Joe’s extremely advanced fishing skills and his exceptional guiding aptitude, I have incredibly unbelievable experiences of the amazing bass fishing that Florida has to offer.

I am already sharpening my hooks for my next trip with Joe when I return to Florida in January 2013. I am also looking forward to taking Joe fishing in South Africa and Zimbabwe in the future, whilst being certain that he is going to teach me a some new tricks on my home lakes!!

Thanks Joe, my great bass fishing guide and good friend !!

Sven Hilland
Cape Town
South Africa

Dan Venne – 04/07/12

“If you want to have an absolutely phenomenal day on the water fishing big bass in Florida when in the Orlando area, then look no further than Captain Joe Ventrello for your pro bass guide. Capt. Joe knows how to find fish fast and will show you how to catch big ones and plenty of them, whether or not you are an avid fisherman or a novice like myself. Capt Joe is an experienced Coast Guard licensed captain who loves taking folks out so they can enjoy bass fishing as much as he does. We caught so many fish on our day on the water that the both of us lost count, with a pile of them in the well between 4-8 lbs. Capt Joe provided a fantastic bass fishing experience with top rate gear and riding in safety and comfort in his bright red Ranger rig. And when he found out that I am a veteran, he stayed out on the water longer than I had reserved with him to allow me to catch even more big bass. I had gone bass fishing in Florida a couple of times before, but neither time came even close to matching this trip. So if you want to experience terrific bass fishing in Florida, look no further than Capt Joe Ventrello as your bass guide, you will not be disappointed. I know Capt Joe will definitely be my choice for my next guided bass fishing trip when I return to Orlando.”

Thanks a bunch Joe,

Dan Venne
Alexandria, VA
LCDR, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve (retired)